A Tale of Two Anniversaries: Choose Wisely

10 year anniversary since the inauguration of the Belt and Road initiative started in 2013

Link to Source: EIR


Sept. 7, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—Today is the tenth anniversary of the launching of China’s Belt and Road Initiative” (BRI). On Sept. 7, 2013, President Xi Jinping presented what he the Silk Road Economic Belt,” in a speech in Kazakhstan early in his presidency, entitled Promote People-to-People Friendship and Create a Better Future.” It called for an innovative cooperation mode” in building transportation corridors, to create(*typo correction edit by peacebuilder.net) a greater space for development,” and to make a grand cause benefitting people in regional countries along the route.” He called for creating a new brilliance with a more open mind and a broader vision to expand regional cooperation.” More than talk, China had walked the walk in lifting 800 million Chinese out of extreme poverty (using methods easily recognizable by Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, and John F. Kennedy). Now more than 150 countries are on board.

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