Glazyev Notes the Shift to Trade in National Currencies Has Been ‘Staggeringly Quick’

Russian economist Sergey Glaziev

Link to Source: EIR

Sept. 6, 2023 (EIRNS)—In a lengthy Sept. 4 interview with the Sevastopol news portal ForPost, the prominent Russian economist Sergey Glazyev noted that the transition to national currencies was forced to happen staggeringly quickly,” in response to the dollar being used as a weapon of hybrid warfare against Russia and other countries of the Global Majority. This is a positive development, Glazyev noted, but in itself, the transition to settlements in national currencies is only a small element of economic security.”

The new world economic order,” he continued, will be based on the unification of countries around a common criterion for the growth of people’s well-being, and in international cooperation—around mutual benefit, which is achieved through a synergistic effect, a combination of competitive advantages.”

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