‘Special Musical Operation’ at the United Nations: Place the Voice of Reason in the Mind of the ‘Other’

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William Warfield performing at the Schiller Institute conference in February 2002, the year of his death.


Sept. 22, 2023, (EIRNS)—

(Music) is that part of us that is connected with the Divine One. I remember Dr. Thurman once said, God created man in His own image in the dead center, so that in the dead center of God’s brain, there is this image of what man is; and at a point at which man reaches the full development of that image, then he will be on a par with the angels…. And I never forgot that: Ah! So that’s what evolution is about! Man finally coming into the image that is in the dead center of God’s brain, of what man is to be!’… And all of us are endowed with that basic thing, and Music is it.”

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