Do You Want To Slaughter Jews or Palestinians?

Link to Source: EIR


Oct. 10, 2023 (EIRNS)—Israel’s most widely circulated daily, Yedioth Ahronoth, properly exploded in outrage over the psychopathic failings of the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, failings that have left many Israelis slaughtered and the country plunging into a bloodlust rage. The daily’s senior editor finds their horrific situation to be

the result of a catastrophic, perverted list of priorities of this government that has since its establishment last January, concentrated almost entirely on its harmful and unnecessary judicial legislation and had capitulated to the financial and political demands of its ultra-Orthodox members. The government and its prime minister had no time, will, or interest in dealing with Israel’s economy, social problems, education, health, or security. Yes, security…. This disgraceful failure can lead to only one conclusion, regardless of political views: Enough! Leave! The Netanyahu, Smotrich, Levine and Ben-Gvir coalition along with their enablers must go…. They must all go home! …They should leave, their heads bowed in shame and exit the stage, the sooner the better….”

A second commentary, by the former chairwoman of the Labor Party, states

Netanyahu is the main culprit of the terrible disaster that is befalling us now.” His crimes? Guilty of putting a bunch of racist, promiscuous, terror-supporting bigots into key positions in his deranged government just to protect his own skin…. Guilty of allowing them to ignite the foci of friction with the Palestinians, in Hawara, on the Temple Mount and under every fresh tree….”

Guilty of undermining

the Palestinian Authority and its leader, perhaps the last pragmatic and non-fundamentalist Palestinian leader with whom it was possible to reach an agreement…. Guilty of never formulating a strategy to resolve the bloody conflict with our neighbors, and ignoring what is happening under our eyes…. Netanyahu must go.”

Netanyahu has cynically held on to power only by appealing to the very worst in people, manipulating race hatred, allowing for vigilante violence—and last night he had the audacity, the unmitigated gall, the chutzpah on steroids, to call on all parties to unite behind him, as the country gets to sit in horror, having to watch a psychopath attempt to satiate his bloodlust.

This is how the pathology of a massive financial bubble plays out. It’s ugly, it’s horrific, but it’s unfortunately a lawful result of previous sins.

Last week, the U.S. Congress was brought to a halt, as Congressman Matt Gaetz insisted that a $2.2 trillion/year deficit, putting the U.S. over $32 trillion in debt, along with the moves of the expanding BRICS countries moving away from use of the dollar in trade relations, meant that Congress had to stop acting like children. That effort, along with the population of Gaza, will go up in smoke, except for the sane, cool-headed, determined intervention on the political process, centered around the Schiller Institute call to action: No More Money for Arms in Ukraine, No World War with Russia or China.

As the erstwhile rabbi always advised, when confronted with two horrible choices, always pick the third. So, do you want to slaughter Jews or Palestinians?