No Let-Up of the Nuclear War Danger; Act Accordingly

Link to Source: EIR


Sept. 23, 2023, (EIRNS)—There is no let-up of the danger of nuclear annihilation—there is even a worsening threat—from either an accidental or deliberate triggering of warfare into nuclear exchange. As of this weekend, there is a renewed barrage of projectiles from Ukraine targeting Sevastopol, the Crimean headquarters of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, the second barrage in two days. Whatever the military facts of the matter, the escalation danger is to be seen in the way the trans-Atlantic media establishment is portraying this maneuver: See, Ukraine’s cunning attack shows that Russia cannot defend itself. Russia is on the way down and out.”

This is madness. Note that it also conforms to the prescription from Chatham House, the British government think-tank, issued in a Sept. 20 article by Keir Giles, resident anti-Russia scholar, posted by CNN. He wrote that the West should drop any concerns” over all-out arming and backing of Ukraine going on the attack against Russia inside its home territory.

The Sevastopol attack episode makes clear, among many similar reasons, why it is so critical for the process expanding the activities of the International Peace Coalition that are critical to the future of humanity. There is no alternative to starting immediate negotiations to peacefully resolve the Ukraine crisis.

The situation is not static,” despite the delusionary view expressed recently by Ukraine President Zelenskyy that one option for Ukraine-Russia, might be the model of ongoing Palestinian-Israel strife. Yesterday, Zelenskyy was in Canada, to brief the Parliament. He conveyed the messages, Moscow must lose … once and for all.” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said at their press conference, We are shifting our approach to provide multi-year assistance to ensure Ukraine has the predictable support it needs for long-term support.”

Once again, this is madness. It goes right along with the escalation of weapons types and supplies. According to a CBS report Sept. 22, to be confirmed, President Biden informed Zelenskyy this week that the U.S. will supply Ukraine with cluster munitions for long-range missile use. The ATACMS—Army Tactical Missile System—weapons can go 190 miles, to deliver the cluster missives. ATACMS can be fired from the HIMARS mobile rocket launchers that Ukraine already has in its possession.

Fortunately for the human race, there is at the same time gathering strength of the development dynamic in the world, which is scheduled to be celebrated in a very few weeks, at the third Belt and Road Initiative Summit in Beijing. The speaker for China at the UN General Assembly General Debate spoke about this Sept. 21. Vice President Han Zheng reported that over 3,000 cooperation projects have been undertaken. One example is the 16,000 freight trains on the China-Europe Railway Express last year. He stressed that development should be at the center of the world agenda, with win-win outcomes” reaching every country and individual in a more fair way.

Today, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, in a very hard-hitting speech in the General Assembly Debate, warning of present danger of Western new scenarios for nuclear weapons against Russia.” He spoke about the expanding configurations aligning with the concept of a common future for the common good.” He cited by name many groupings, including the BRICS, ASEAN, the African Union, CELAC, CSTO, EAEU, and the BRI.

These few updates underscore our task: Expand the forces to succeed in pulling the world back from war, and rolling along the track for humanity in peace.