What’s Actually at Stake in Gaza … and Ukraine … and the Financial Crash

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Oct. 8, 2023 (EIRNS)—Schiller Institute founder Helga Zepp-LaRouche has been warning repeatedly that the global crisis is going to get a lot worse, and even more dangerous, unless and until the underlying cause of the crisis is addressed: the systemic breakdown of the entire, predatory trans-Atlantic system.

Now, over the weekend, the Southwest Asia tinderbox has exploded, with the Biden administration pouring fuel on the fire by announcing that it is sending the USS Gerald R. Ford Carrier Strike Group to the eastern Mediterranean. The danger of a hot war that would engulf the entire region, much like NATOs Ukraine nuclear chicken-game in the middle of Europe, is palpable.

And this, as the bankers of the City of London and Wall Street warn publicly that their system is on the verge of a cataclysmic financial crisis,” and deep political fissures widen in Washington and in Europe as well.

How, then, is the crisis to be addressed?

There is in fact a profound discussion already underway internationally about the required philosophical and political principles needed to usher in the needed change, as seen in the consonant, clear policy statements coming from Chinese President Xi Jinping, Russian President Vladimir Putin, and—fortunately for the cause of world peace—interlocutors in the West best represented by the Schiller Institute and its founder, Helga Zepp-LaRouche. It is ideas such as these that in fact shape the course of history, as American statesman Lyndon LaRouche argued and proved, and it is such a dialogue that offers the only viable way out of the current policy dead-end.

With that concept in mind, readers should study the following three excerpted policy statements, and consider the implications.

First: On Sept. 26, the Chinese State Council issued a 40-page White Paper A Global Community of Shared Future: China’s Proposals and Actions” which proclaimed that the new era calls for new ideas.” It continued:

In the universe there is only one Earth, the shared home of humanity…. Whether human civilization can survive there has become an existential issue that must be squarely faced…. The vision of a global community of shared future bears in mind the wellbeing of all humanity. It is based on both observation of the present and visionary planning for the future…. This vision serves the common interests of humanity….

The shadow of the arms race lingers on, and the threat of nuclear war—the Sword of Damocles that hangs over humanity—remains…. Standing at a crossroads, humanity is faced with two opposing options. One is to revert to the Cold War mentality that deepens division and antagonism and stokes confrontation between blocs. The other is to act for the common wellbeing of humanity, strengthen solidarity and cooperation, advocate openness and win-win results, and promote equality and respect. The tug of war between these two options will shape the future of humanity and our planet in a profound way.”

Second: On Oct. 5, Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the Valdai Discussion Club annual meeting in Sochi, Russia, and presented his proposal for

the principles underlying the new international order.” Putin stated: We want to live in an open, interconnected world, where no one will ever try to put artificial barriers in the way of people’s communication, their creative fulfillment and prosperity…. We want the world’s diversity to be preserved and serve as the foundation for universal development…. Only true cultural and civilizational diversity will ensure peoples’ wellbeing and a balance of interests….

Russia stands for universal security and lasting peace built on respect for the interests of everyone: from large countries to small ones…. These are the principles that we would like to follow and that we invite all of our friends and colleagues to join. Russia was, is and will be one of the foundations of this new world system.”

Third: On Nov. 22, 2022, Helga Zepp-LaRouche at the Schiller Institute conference, Stop the Danger of Nuclear War Now; Third Seminar of Political and Social Leaders of the World,” offered ten principles as food for thought and a dialogue among all people concerned to find a basis for a world order guaranteeing the durable existence of the human species.”

The new International Security and Development Architecture must be a partnership of perfectly sovereign nation states, which is based on the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence and the UN Charter,” Zepp-LaRouche stated. The absolute priority must be to alleviate poverty in every nation on the planet, which is easily possible, if the existing technologies are used for the benefit of the common good….

Since mankind is the only creative species known so far in the universe, and given the fact that human creativity is the only source of wealth through the potentially limitless discovery of new universal principles, one of the main aims of the new International Security and Development Architecture must be providing access to universal education for every child and adult person living….

The international financial system must be reorganized, so that it can provide productive credits to accomplish these aims…. The new global security architecture must eliminate the concept of geopolitics by ending the division of the world into blocs. The security concerns of every sovereign nation must be taken into account….

A solution to the existential threat to humanity cannot be found with the help of secondary or partial arrangements, but the solution must be found on the level of that higher One, which is more powerful than the Many. It requires thinking on the level of Coincidentia Oppositorum, the Coincidence of Opposites, of Nicholas of Cusa…. The basic assumption for the new paradigm is, that man is fundamentally good and capable to infinitely perfect the creativity of his mind and the beauty of his soul, and being the most advanced geological force in the universe, which proves that the lawfulness of the mind and that of the physical universe are in correspondence and cohesion, and that all evil is the result of a lack of development, and therefore can be overcome.

A new world economic order is emerging, involving the vast majority of the countries of the Global South. The European nations and the U.S. must not fight this effort, but by joining hands with the developing countries, cooperate to shape the next epoch of the development of the human species to become a renaissance of the highest and most noble expressions of creativity!”

Think it through.