Join Hands with the Global Majority!

ASEAN; September 2023

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Sept. 5, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—The next week brings several international conferences: the ASEAN meeting taking place now in Indonesia, the G20 meeting in India this weekend, the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok over Sept. 10-13, and, in the middle of it, the Schiller Institute’s Sept. 9 online conference Let us Join Hands with the Global Majority To Create a New Chapter in World History!

The new paradigm in international affairs drawing increasing strength with the BRICS summit and the EEF, in particular, requires an appropriate response from those nations without whose cooperation, a secure world of peaceful development were impossible: the nations of Anglo-American NATO. Is peace possible in a world with a United Kingdom insane enough to promote Taiwanese independence and a game of nuclear chicken with Russia in a new Crimean Missile Crisis,” or with a United States that has departed so far from its founding principles as to be the primary support” of the Ukrainian military being ground to mush, while engaging in repeated military provocations directed against China? Meanwhile, many nations in Europe are watching their economies be destroyed by sanctions and anti-human energy policy, their agricultural sectors decimated in order to save nature,” and their cultures shaken by a lack of meaningful national mission.

The Schiller Institute and the LaRouche movement more broadly intend to catalyze a change in policy within the imperial West, through an internationally mediated process of organizing. Give the United States a mission, as in space exploration and technology! Restore in Europe the best aspects of its world-changing Renaissance culture! Shake off the terror, the suppression, that fears the dawning of a new world.

Be free to speak! Demands are made for online safety” and to prevent the harm” caused by reading a social post judged (by some Ministry of Truth”) to be incorrect. But what about the safety of the people of Ukraine, being destroyed by the Anglo-American/NATO war against Russia? What about the harm of delaying and preventing development under the guise of what are called green policies? Agencies like the ADL threaten social media companies like X/Twitter on the basis of the reputational harm that may befall them from the ADLs (exaggerated) reports if they don’t change their policies as the ADL demand. Elon Musk is contemplating a defamation lawsuit against the Anti” Defamation League.

As the United States Navy sends a major force for the first time in a decade to the Yellow Sea (international waters, but bordered only by China and the Koreas), following a multi-thousand-person training exercise involving Taiwan military members in Michigan, as Kiev tries to pull NATO into the war by claiming Russian drones have fallen on Romania, will you join the chorus for peace and transform the West”?

Register for the Sept. 9 Schiller Institute conference and host a live showing in your community. Our world cannot survive half-slave and half-free.