Humanity for Peace

Our Demands are as follows:

  1. The immediate ending of all funding and weapons to Ukraine.
  2. Convene immediate unconditional peace talks.
  3. The Dissolution of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
  4. A new international security architecture must be created to end the division of the world into blocs, eliminating geopolitics. This new architecture must take into account the security concerns of every sovereign nation, large or small.
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China: Democracy That Works

China: Democracy That Works

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BEIJING, Dec. 4 2022 (Xinhua) — China’s State Council Information Office on Saturday released a white paper titled China: Democracy That Works.”

Civilizations are enriched by exchanges and mutual learning. The Chinese people are willing to work together with all other peoples around the world to carry forward the common values of humanity – peace, development, fairness, justice, democracy and freedom. In a spirit of mutual respect and following the principle of seeking common ground while setting aside differences, we will add new elements to the world’s political structure and advance towards a global community of shared future together. ... Read more 📃